How to Prevent Sports Injury

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Football team doctor with injured player on field

Occurrence of sports injuries is inevitable and cannot be avoided. However, their chances of occurrence can definitely be reduced. Certain approaches and techniques which prevent sports injuries can be adopted so that you remain fit and fine while playing the game.

Commonly Occurring Sports Injuries

Sports related injuries that commonly occur include pulling of muscle or ligament, sprains and fractures, tendon strains and bruising. Irrespective of the age-group it is essential for every sportsman to undergo sports injury treatment and rehabilitation program when afflicted by an injury as that will help him to recover faster and return back to the field as soon as possible.

Techniques to Prevent Incidence of Sports Injury

Be in tip-top physical conditionPhysiotherapy rehabilitation centres emphasize the importance of the player’s physical fitness. A player who is unfit is at a greater risk of facing a sports injury and therefore it is very essential for each player to follow a specific exercise routine that conforms to the sport he or she is involved in.

Inclusion of Warm-Up: A warm-up before the actual play enhances blood flow to muscles, tendons, ligaments and flexible joints and gears them to face the strenuous activity that is to follow. The possibility of straining or pulling a muscle is greatly reduced. With regard to cricket, which is one of the favourite games of the country, warm up routine is as follows.

Warm up is initiated with activities such as lunges, hurdle walks, side lunges followed by star jumps and squats. Core stability exercises with a focus on knee lifts, jogging and skips is then incorporated. This is followed by simple power movements like power push ups, standing long jumps etc. Sprinting around the practice field depending upon the physical fitness of the sportsman and time at his or her disposal is advocated. Then follows practising the cricket skills. The sports physiotherapy centre to which the player is attached draws up a specific warm-up routine for the player.

Use of Protective Gear: Protective equipment as demanded by the sport has to be donned by the sportsman to prevent the incidence of an injury while playing the game. For example, in cricket, most of the vulnerable sportsmen use helmets, protective pads, gloves etc.

Understand the Game Rules:  Every game goes by a set of rules which should be known to the player. They teach how the game can be played best with minimum incidence of injuries.

Rest and Relaxation: Every sportsman has to give sufficient rest to the body and mind after a game that tests his endurance to the hilt. A rested mind and body displays the best skills of a sportsman.

Cool Down: A cool down routine has to be followed by the sportsman after his sporting event is through. This enables the body to come back to normalcy.

Avoiding Pain: No sportsman should push his body too far such that he experiences bad pain. Bad pain is pain that occurs in the vertebrae, joints or muscle tissue when it is being contracted or extended.


The best centre for physiotherapy advocates the inclusion of the above techniques in every sportsman’s regular workout regime. This enhances the sportsman’s athletic performance and ensures a long career for him.


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