Monsoon brings in slippery surfaces. & to be careful on those surfaces is way way too important for us.

If not then it may land us directly to a doctor & some bedrest.

Our expert Physiotherapist from Physio Lounge, Goregaon West helps in understanding what can be done & in which situation.

Here are things that you could follow on your own:

Firstly, wash where you think you’re hurt. This will help you in understanding if you have any bruises. In case you do, then use anti-septic (eg: Dettol) to clean the wound & apply ointment for further healing.

If it is paining then you could use a hot pack. However, if you find any swelling then use a cold pack.

In case the swelling is still there & pain is consistent then it might be a hairline fracture. Do consult a doctor in that situation.

We at Physio Lounge, the physiotherapy clinic have extensive experience in the assessment and treatment of sports injury, musculoskeletal & orthopedic rehabilitation, cardiopulmonary physiotherapy, post-surgery rehabilitation, physio yoga, podiatry service, senior citizen program and more. We also provide in-home physiotherapy services for patients who have difficulty in moving in & out of bed.

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